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About Hadland

Hadland Technologies

Hadland Technologies provides an X-ray Computed Tomography (X-ray C.T.) and real-time radiography imaging service to industry, academia and research facilities. Internal and external geometry and features of almost any suitably sized sample can be imaged with extremely high resolution (as small as 1uM).

Traditional touch probe coordinate measuring machines and laser scanners are limited to external detail only. With our C.T. data sets we can provide both external and internal geometry and provide density measurements. No other single system can provide this service.

Our C.T system is located in a dedicated room within our lab and is operated by experienced personnel with 20 years of experience in the x-ray industry. A typical scan with data reconstruction takes approximately 1 hour and the electronic data supplied as desired.

Customers who have previously been trained may operate the system in complete privacy as a project may necessitate.