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Telephone: 978-835-9547
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From start to finish it is important to us that you get the best experience and the finest possible data. That is why we provide you with three choices for you inspection.

  • You can ship your sample to us which we will scan for you as we will have previously discussed.
  • You can accompany your sample and assist us with the inspection, directing us as necessary.
  • You can, after some initial training, scan your sample yourself at our facility in complete privacy, with one of our staff available to assist you when required.


We want you to be happy with our service, therefore when we initially discuss your inspection we will provide you with an honest assessment of the feasibility of your inspection requirements and how our inspection tools may fit in with your requirements.

We will provide you with a cost estimate for your inspection which can if desired be limited to an agreed amount. We will provide you with a time-scale for the inspection. Captured data is presented to you as sliced image stacks, movies, and single images in the areas of interest, color variance data comparisons and other data formats. Your sample is returned to you via a commercial carrier of your choice or we can keep your sample to perform further analysis at a later date.