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Triton Systems Inc. uses X-Ray Computed Tomography to Aid in Composite Fabrication and Inspection

Triton Systems Inc. Chelmsford, MA has been working with Hadland Technologies to verify fiber distribution uniformity and the presence of defects such as cracks in refining a material technology intended for use by the Navy. The use of X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT) provides instant recognition of material quality, is inherently intuitive and its data well received by the DoD in support of development work. Triton will continue to use Hadland Technologies to facilitate its research and development programs in advanced composite materials and process development.

CT scans of chopped fiber composite at various depths thru-thickness illustrating material toughness in before (top) and after (bottom) thermal shock testing.

Cirtec Medial Systems develops projects with Hadland Technologies CT System

Hadland Technologies (HT) has helped Cirtec Medical Systems with recent development projects requiring the use of a CT inspection service. HT took the time to discuss what we were trying to image and determine the most suitable methods to deliver the data we required. Now that the methods have been determined HT processes our components quickly and delivers the images on time. Cirtec Medical Systems will continue to work with Hadland Technologies on this and future projects.